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The hand of the King, Jon Arryn, is dead. Robert Baratheon, the actual king, travels from King's Landing to Winterfell to meet Eddard Stark and proposes him to occupy Arryn's place. Before the King's arrival, Ned Stark beheads a deserter of the Night's Watch, who claims that he saw a mythological being beyond the Wall. Meanwhile, Viserys Targaryen forces her sister to marry Khal Drogo, a powerful warlord. This is the first episode of Game of Thrones, the audiovisual adaptation of George R.R. Martin's story "A Song of Ice and Fire"


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Winter is Coming is the first episode of this spectacular series called Game of Thrones. Actions begins with Jon Arryn's death, leaving the Hand of the King's position vacant. Robert Baratheon intends to offer this position to Ned Stark, Warden of the North and Lord of Winterfell.

Once Robert arrives from King's Landing, the tension rapidly appears between the two royal families. Bran, one of Ned's sons, happens to see Cersei and Jaime (sister and brother) having intercourse and suffers from an accident.

Meanwhile, prince Viserys Targaryen has plans for her sister Daenerys: she whill marry the leader of a tribe called the Dothraki. This way Viserys will grow his army and try to recover the Iron Throne.

Interesting facts: "Winter is Coming" is the episode title but is also a very important quote from the entire series. It refers to the House Stark's slogan but also to the terrible era is about to come. Did you know that the dead deer is real? Actors had a hard time putting up with the dead animal's smell. Finally, the initial plan was to make the Targaryen actors use violet contact lens but the idea was later dismissed     

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