4x1: Two Swords

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Tyrion receives a guest and Jon Snow is sorry for things in the past. Meanwhile, Arya comes across an old friend and Dany heads towards a new city.


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Game of Thrones season 4 starts with the episode named Two Swords. The wedding between Joffrey and Margaery is being celebrated soon and some guests arrive King's Landing. One of them, the Prince Oberyn, wants revenge for the way Lannisters killed his niece several years ago.

Meanwhile, Cersei has a gift for Jaime: a fake gold hand to use as Jaime lost his hand in the previous season. Olenna Tyrell gives Margaery some counseling on how to treat the king, her king, and how to increase her power on a daily basis.

In Castle Black, Jon recovers from the wounds he suffered from Ygritte's attack and faces the trial initiated by the Lord Commander as he think's Jon might be on the wilding side now. However, Jon wins some time when he puts in evidence Mance Rayder's plan to attack the Night's Watch. 100,000 wilding are getting closer and that's a real threat.

Interesting fact: the episode is titled "Two Swords" as it refers to the two resulting swords of the Ice sword that is split by Tywin Lannister. We can also think that it actually refers to the two Stark swords in the realm: Ice (the one held by Tywin) and Needle (the one held by Arya)    

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