4x2: The Lion and the Rose

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Tyrion and Jaime have something in common. On the other hand, Stannis struggles with Davos presence.


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The Lion and the Rose is the second episode of Game of Thrones season 4. Among other things, the main event is Margaery and Joffrey's wedding. In the background, we can name the several sacrifices being held by Melisandre back at Dragonstone.

Meanwhile, at House Bolton (actually the place is called Dreadfort), Ramsay Snow humillates Theon Greyjoy (now the reek) over and over and hunts a girl that is later torn apart by Ramsay's dogs. Just to make things more brutal, Ramsay tells Theon Robb has been killed and how great that makes him feel.

But let's not forget the beautiful event from this episode. Just when the wedding's party is starting, Joffrey rises his cup and suddenly starts to choke. With Cersei by his side, the king dies as a result of the poisoned drink he had. Every one think Sansa is the responsible and Cersei orders to capture Sansa.

Interesting facts: the Lion is Lannister House's iconic creature and the Rose is the Tyrell House's symbol. Did you know that the band Sigur Ros appears in this episode? They're the ones Joffrey throws coins to.

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