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This is Game of Thrones fifth season finale! The episode is called "Mother's Mercy". Please, no spoilers, just watch, enjoy and share!


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Datos sobre el episodio y opinión

Mother's Mercy is the season 5 finale. Among other things, Cersei is freed after confessing her sins and doing the walk of shame: she walked naked on the streets of King's Landing, with people throwing food and spitting her.

In the North, while Theon and Sansa try to avoid Rmsay, the Bolton army wins over Stannis Baratheon's people, whom is finally executed by Brienne. On the other hand, Tyrion, Missandel and Grey Worm search for Daenerys.

The episode ends with two major events. Firstly, Arya loses her sight after disobeying Jaqen's orders. In the second place, Myrcella, Cersei's daughter, dies poisoned by Ellaria's kiss.

Interesting facts: the title of the episode, Mother's Mercy, is related to the things Cersei is forced to do in order to get freed. On the other hand, did you know that Arya used huge contact lens? It wasn't a post-production effect and the actress couldn't see for real. Finally, Myrcella's death happens later in A Song of Ice and Fire

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