5x8: Hardhome

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Cersei struggles in order to keep her position. Meanwhile, Jon Snow travels, Arya moves forward with her training and Sansa confronts someone from her past


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Hardhome is the eighth episode of season 5 and one of the most important. Cersei refuses to confess her sins and crimes and continues being imprisoned by the High Sparrow. One thing: Thanks to Pancho Silveira, the author of this review!

On the other hand, Theon tells Sansa Bran and Rickon are not dead. Meanwhile, Bolton prepares to fight against Stannis army in the battlefield.

Beyond the Wall, Jon Snow convinces many of the wildings to join the Night's Watch. Just when they're heading to the Wall, the free folks are attacked by a massive amount of white walkers lead by the King of the Night. Those who survive can't believe what they see: each killed man in the battle returns to life as a white walker.

Interesting facts: Hardhome battle took a long time to be shot (15 days)  and it required more than 400 people in the set. An important defailt is that the valyrian steel is a good way to fight the white walkers. Finally, the King of the Night is not revealed yet but it will in the future

Review written by Pancho Silveira

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