6x10: The Winds of Winter

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The judge finally takes place in King's Landing while Daenerys receives a piece of advice from Tyrion. Jaime works on a new alliance and the Norte tries to reunite


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The Winds of Winter is Game of Thrones season 6 last episode and one of the most intense of the whole series. In King's Landing, Cersei and Loras Tyrell's trial takes place with members of the Great Sept, the High Sparrow and Margaery, among others. The time goes by and Cersei doesn't show up: she has a plan. After a while, the place suddenly sets on fire and a major explosion occurs. Everyone in the building is dead as Cersei used Wildfire to burn the place down. After hearing the news about the attack, Tommen commits suicide and Cersei is now the real Queen of the Seven Kingdoms.

After the major victory from Snow and Sansa over Ramsay Bolton, the people in the North have a new king: Jon Snow. On the other hand, Arya finally takes revenge and makes Walder Frey eat his own children flesh. After taking with him, the little girl kills the old man.

In the last place, Daenerys owns Meereen once again and heads to King's Landing along with her dragons and people. Tyrion is the new Hand of the Queen.

Interesting facts: the Stark wolf appears again in the opening sequence as Jon Snow recovers the family supremacy. Did you notice that all the Lannister boys died in the same order they were born? At this point, the story told in the series moves beyond the one originally written in the books.

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