6x3: Oathbreaker

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While events related to Jon Snow surprise all the Wall defenders, Arya continues with her training. On the other hand, Daenerys will reach a breaking point in her present


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Oathbreaker is the third episode of Game of Thrones season 6. What did you like the most about the epiosde? This is what we think.

Daenerys is facing an unorthodox trial against the Dothraki. She's now held in prison, surrounded by widows and hoping to make it safe out of this situation. Meanwhile, Arya keeps training to become no one and we still don't know if she's getting her sight back.

Far away, Bran has a vision of the past showing details of Jon's childhood. In King's Landing, king Tommen faces the High Sparrow and Cersei works to make her son more powerful. Lastly, Ramsey tries to expand his domain to Winterfell and Jon Snow, after resurrecting, makes those who kill them die.

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