6x4: Book of the Stranger

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While Daario and Jorah try to achieve a new goal, Tyrion makes a new agreement. On the other hand, Cersei and Jaime put all their effort into gaining more power and Daenerys needs to improve her position


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Book of the Stranger is the fourth episode of Game of Thrones season 6. We want to share our thoughts about the most important things happening in this episode.

On the Stark side, Sansa finally meets again with her brother Jon Snow at Castle Black. The thing concerning both of them is a letter from Ramsay Bolton: if Sansa doesn't go back, Rickon is going to suffer. The siblings discuss the issue and resolve moving to the south to take Winterfell back. Is there a war against Ramsay coming?

On the other hand, Daenerys keeps doing what she does the best: making people love her. After setting an ambush by gatheting all the Khals in the same place, the Queen of Dragons sets the place in fire. After the house is reduced to ashes, Daenerys comes out unharmed at the Dothraki people embrace her as their new leader.

Finally, back in King's Landing there is no really important news. Margaerys is allowed to speak with her borhter Loras, even though she's still imprisoned. Meanwhile, Jaime, Olenna Tyrell and Cersei make a plan to finish the High Sparrow.

Some interesting points: did you know this episode features the first scene with Sansa and Jon Snow? This didn't happen in the past and it's no coincidence at all. On the other hand, we could say the whole chapter is dedicated to siblings: Sansa and Jon, Loras and Margaery and Theon and Yara

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