6x6: Blood of My Blood

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Jaime and Cersei finally do something in order to confront High Sparrow and his whole group. On the other hand, Daenerys moves forward through the kingdoms


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Blood of my Blood is the sixth episode of Game of Thrones sixth season. Here we are going to discuss some of the major events in the episode.

The situation in King's Landing worsens with every new episode coming out. The High Sparrow consolidates his power by creating new influences on every circumstance. This time, when Jaime tries to save Margaery and realizes things are moving really fast as king Tommen is now an ally to the High Septon. As it wasn't enough, Jaime is no longer the Hand of the King and his orders are to rescue Edmure Tully from Walter Frey.

Meanwhile, Brenjen Stark shows up out of nowhere to help both Meera and Bran. Sam keeps moving with his son and wife, Gilly, and pays a visit to his hometown, but things doesn't work (that's a really mean father) and Citadel is the new destination. 

Interesting facts: the title of the episode refers to Sam's visit to his hometown but also to the importance of the blood in the Dothraki people. Did you realize this is the second episode in the whole series with no dead people at all?

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