6x9: Battle of the Bastards

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Finally, Ramsay Bolton and Jon Snow find themselves facing each other on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Daenerys returns to the place she belongs


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Battle of the Bastards it's a breaking point in the history of the Seven Kingdoms. In the first place, Daenerys rules Meereen again guarded by her dragons and the dothraki army, defeating once and for all the Sons of the Harpy. Besides, the Queen has the Greyjoy sibilings support

The name of the episode reflects the final battle between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton. After releasing Rickon Stark, Ramsay lets the boy run to kill him with an arrow immediately after. Therefore, Jon Snow's army attacks and the battle starts. When it seems that Ramsay is going to defeat the bastard, Arryn's army shows up and changes the whole scenario. Ramsay is finally beaten and has a slow and painful death: he's eaten by his own hounds.

Some interesting facts: this is the first time and the last one Jon and Ramsay face each other. On the other hand, House Bolton disappears just as the giant's race (Wun Wun, the last giant, dies). There is a major difference between the original story and the series as Sansa isn't married to Ramsay in the written books    

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