8x1: Winterfell

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Winterfell awaits the arrival of an important woman along with her army and her dragons. The invasion of the Army of the Dead is imminent and everyone across the seven kingdoms must unite to fight together


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After waiting for a year and a half, Game of Thrones season 8 has now arrived. There are the highlights of the episode.

In the first place, Daenerys and Jon Snow arrive to Winterfell. A lot of reencounters take place: Bran Stark and Arya Stark with Jon Snow, Tyrion Lannister with Sansa Stark. At the same time, as the characters see each others faces, news emerge for each of them. Sam finds out his brother and father were killed by the hands of Daenerys, now his queen, and Sansa doesn't trust on Cersei's word.

Meanwhile, in King's Landing and running away, the Greyjoy sibilings meet again, not with hard feelings, and escape. They both will try to think a plan to survive while Cersei sets up a plan to win more and more power, even with the White Walkers knocking on her door.

If we were to talk about tension, we should pick two scenes. The first one, the one when Jon Snow finds out he's the true heir to the crown and the second one when Jaime Lannister sees Bran Stark, that little kid he pushed off that tower so many years ago.

To summarize, this is being a great and intense episode. We're eager to receive the next five episodios that will finish this stunning series.

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