Game of Thrones season 1

1x01: Winter is Coming - First episode

Imagen para el episodio 1x1: Winter is Coming

The hand of the King, Jon Arryn, is dead. Robert Baratheon, the actual king, travels from King's Landing to Winterfell to meet Eddard Stark and proposes him to occupy Arryn's place. Before the King's arrival, Ned Stark beheads a deserter of the Night's Watch, who claims that he saw a mythological being beyond the Wall. Meanwhile, Viserys Targaryen forces her sister to marry Khal Drogo, a powerful warlord. This is the first episode of Game of Thrones, the audiovisual adaptation of George R.R. Martin's story "A Song of Ice and Fire"

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1x02: The Kings Road

Imagen para el episodio 1x2: The Kings Road

Ned Stark and his daughters travel towards King's Landing, with Bran recovering from his fall back in Winterfell. Meanwhile, Jon Snow, Stark's bastard son, becomes a member of the Night's Watch. Across the ocean, Daenerys starts to accustom herself to the new situation of being the Khaleesi, Drogo's wife and queen of the Dorthraki.

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1x03: Lord Snow

Imagen para el episodio 1x3: Lord Snow

Ned Stark arrives at King's Landing along with his daughters. There he will find the complexity of power and influence issues that sorround the Iron Throne. Lots of enemies and allies try to force Ned to follow their intentions. ¿Who can he trust? In the meantime, Jon's trying to accustom himself to the life at The Wall, sorrounded by rapists, criminals and a very hostile weather.

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1x04: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Imagen para el episodio 1x4: Cripples, Bastards, and Broken Things

Ned is intrigued about the death of Jon Arryn, and begins an undercover investigation. King's Landing celebrates the naming of the new Hand of the King with a tournament. In the meantime, Jon Snow meets Samwell, a young boy sent to The Wall by his father as an alternative to death, who quickly becomes the target of bullying. In Dorthraki's territory, Viserys Targaryen is still trying to get a portion of Drogo's Army. We can highlight the protagonism of Theon Greyjoy, son of Balon Greyjoy who's taken as hostage in Winterfell ten years before, but grown as a son of the Stark.

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1x05: The Wolf and the Lion

Imagen para el episodio 1x5: The Wolf and the Lion

Robert Baratheon enrages when finds out the attemps of Viserys Targaryen to get Khal Drogo's army, and commands a murder. In the meantime, Catelyn captures Tyrion and carries him to his sister's castle to judge him about Bran's event. Ned Stark's sorrounding himself by enemies, and his future starts to become darker at every turn.

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1x06: A Golden Crown

Imagen para el episodio 1x6: A Golden Crown

Ned Stark runs the kingdom as he recovers from his battle with Jamie, while King Robert goes out hunting. Meanwhile, Tyrion suggest his trial to be resolved with a duel, and waits of Catelyn's decision. In the meantime, Bran rides a horse for the first time since his fall. This episode shows us the obscure plans of Cersei Lannister, as it gives some information about Greyjoy's rebellion that took place nine years earlier.

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1x07: You Win or You Die

Imagen para el episodio 1x7: You Win or You Die

Ned and Cersei meet to talk about Jon Arryn's death, when Robert arrives severely injured because of the attack of a wild boar and is dying. In the meantime, Jon Snow takes his vowes and becomes a man of the Night's Watch, while Drogo starts to convince himself about the Targaryen intentions.

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1x08: The Pointy End

Imagen para el episodio 1x8: The Pointy End

Stark's future darkens every moment, as the Lannisters betray Eddard and capture him along with his men. Cersei is aware of Ned's investigation about Joffrey's situation and captures him physically, as she controls emotionally Sansa. When Robb becomes aware of what's happening, prepares Winterfell to march towards King's Landing to rescue his father. In the meantime, some visitors break into The Wall as a warning of what is coming with this new winter.

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1x09: Baelor

Imagen para el episodio 1x9: Baelor

Being Sansa in severe danger, Ned takes a fatal decision. Catelyn arrives to an agreement with disgusting Frey, while Jon doubts if he has to go by Robb's side or stay at the Wall with the other men of the Night's Watch. The only men who seem to be in a better situation are Tyrion and Bronn, giving us a couple of funny moments.

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